Collection: Campfire Pack Original Dog Collar

Capfire Pack Collars

Our brand was designed to build outdoor and adventure products to make exploring the world with your dog easier. Our first product is the Original Collar, designed to help keep your dogs safe and secure on your big adventures. We know dogs love to explore, and a strong reliable collar is a must. That’s why we designed our collars with ultra strong and high quality materials. No cheap plastic here!

Making adventures safer one feature at a time

All our collars have a rear D-ring made of beautiful solid cast brass (100% recyclable). We understand what it’s like to explore the wild with adventurous dogs. We therefore understand that sometimes you need quick control of your dog and fumbling with traditional collars looking for a way to clip on is an unnecessary stress.

The environment

We also care a lot about the environment, and the world we explore. That’s why we design our products with sustainability in mind, and don’t do fast fashion. Our collars are built to last a lifetime!

Where does a name tag go you ask?

Don’t worry, how does another beautifully crafted 100% recyclable solid cast brass D-ring sound? Located next to the buckle out of the way, there is room for multiple name tags and plenty strong enough to attach a lead to if needs must 

Did we mention our collar is compatible with dog trackers (currently tested with Tractive), so suitable for those adventurers who roam off the beaten track.

Why Paracord?

Our collars are made of military grade paracord, capable of holding up to 250kg and is weather resistant. Each collar is made from almost 20x it’s length of paracord, so if you need to make a shelter, fashion a raft, splint a leg, or even make a fishing line or hammock, then you can!

We really hope you don’t need to (seriously), but it’s there should you need it!